Why does MTH love events?

November 7, 2017

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

The question we all get asked as a child. Apart from wanting to be Michael Jackson’s backing dancer from the age of about three, I have always wanted to be involved in Events. There was never a pinnacle moment as to why, but the desire to create wonderful for others has been with me my whole life.

The day my sister got engaged, I cried out of happiness for her but then got over excited about the fact there was a wedding to plan! The stress, worry and confusion that event planning gives others is my excitement, challenge and drive.

Live events take copious amounts of planning, down to the finest detail. However, with anything live there is always that risk of something cropping up and putting a spanner in the works…your weeks, months or even years of planning can be out the window in a second. This risk factor is exhilarating, it gets the adrenaline pumping, you are thinking on your feet and coming up with a solution to get everything back on track – a complete nightmare for some people but this where exceptional Event Planners come into their own.

The instant reactions from your guests, audience, customers is one of the main reasons I love events. You can send out communications (much like this) and have no idea how people respond, with events you receive instant feedback. Whether this is positive or sometimes negative, it allows you as the Event Planner to continue doing the good, change the bad and generate new ideas.

After working in the corporate events world since leaving University and recently returning from living in Australia, I am now pursuing my dream…MTH…Make Things Happen.

Let’s create wonderful…