The Pressure to Create 'The Perfect Day’

July 28, 2018



Your wedding day is all about being with your loved ones to celebrate a special partnership. Whether that includes 2 people or 2,000 people it’s all about spending the day creating wonderful moments and memories.

Love it or hate it, we now live in a social media world where there is growing pressure to showcase the ‘perfect’ life. Personally, I’m not sure what that is supposed to look like?! It should be unqiue to you as an individual and should include all the elements you hold in the highest importance. This could be relationships, family, money, career success, health…whatever it is, it’s up to you to create your own ‘perfect’ life and not let it be dictated by others.

So to the wedding day…don’t get me wrong, after a lot of planning you are going to want it to be everything you hoped for but don’t let this pressure get in the way of enjoying the process of planning it and then the day itself.

A lot of people always say ‘I barely remember the day it went by so fast’. It’s so important you enjoy your day and soak up every minute. Take time out just you and your partner to have a moment of ‘OMG this is it!’, enjoy the food you’ve spent hours deciding over, hit the dance floor and show off those moves from 1999…do whatever you want that puts the biggest smile on your face!

Now, I will let you in to a little trade secret…nothing ever goes to plan! Yes, I said it and it’s true. Virtually any event you would have been to would have had something go wrong – did you notice? Probably not. If you are not the person that has spent hours/months/years planning the event, you are likely to never know that something has gone a little off plan. Your guests therefore won’t notice if flowers should have been on the gift table as well, if the band has changed last minute, if they are receiving Pimms instead of Aperol Spritz. Are they having a good time? Yes! So do not worry!

If you are a natural worrier however – there are a few key things that can help you…

1)    Hire an event planner – it’s an obvious one but someone on site is a great help. They will do the running around, making sure everything is happening as it should do and dealing with any last minute obstacles.

2)    An ‘It’s OK’ List – write down a list of things that could change, not happen on the day that if they do you are going to have a moment of ‘X didn’t happen, but it’s ok’. This just preps your mind for any possibilities and reduces feelings of anxiety.

3)    Have a go-to person – this could be your partner, a family member, a best friend. If you’re having a freak out moment at any point – don’t worry it happens to most people – who is the person that will calm you down, put things into perspective and get you back on track?

So don’t try and create ‘The Perfect Day’ just create and enjoy YOUR Perfect Day!

Let’s create wonderful…