Event Sponsorship Has A New Face

November 11, 2017

A way to reach new audiences, take your event or brand to the next level, build and create new experiences…Event Sponsorships are a great tool to boost your experiential and brand activity.

In recent times however, the face of sponsorships has really changed…gone are the days of throwing a logo on a banner, handing out a flyer and putting merchandise in a goody bag. These elements should still exist, but it’s now about creating deeper engagement with the audience and creating value for the sponsor. 

This execution can take many forms – interactive technology, experiential brand sites, special offers for new customers…the list is endless. The question is, what is the right avenue for your product/service/brand and how can you bring it to life? 

The aim is always to create an impact on the audience that leads to a positive association to your product/service/brand. Can you create something that hasn’t been done before within your market? Can you bring something new and exclusive for this audience? People love to experience or receive something that others don’t have access to – what is that for you? 

Sponsorships have changed but take this as an opportunity to be innovative, daring and collaborative.

Let’s create wonderful…